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The garment industry is a major polluter of the environment. Nearly 15% of textile is wasted at the cutting floor. Every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles are landfilled or incinerated. The greenhouse gas emissions generated by the fashion industry is more that all international flights and maritime ships put together.


We are aware of this negative impact and are taking action to create environmental-friendly clothing. At SANAH SHARMA, we make every effort to create our garments with the least possible environmental footprint without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

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More than 50% of our products are zero-waste in design.The one's that aren't, their waste is repurposed to make other products or even used in our studio to tie up paper rolls, make mood boards, etc. Basically, we ain't fans of wastage.

We have always maintained that aesthetics are not compromised for higher sustainability indices and so we do use polyester fabrics. However, it is our endeavour to use mono-material fabrics to enable recycling as blended fabrics cannot be easily recycled. 

Also, our Planar Flux cutting technique reduces the 3Cs- Consumption, Cutting and Construction, thereby saving both time and energy footprint. Learn more about Planar Flux in a chapter authored by our founder for Springer Publication's book- Models for Sustainable Framework in Luxury Fashion

Plastic-free packaging - Yes, that's right. We use a variety of packaging material that are all plastic free and earth-friendly. These include Kraft paper, jute string, paper board box, degradable and non-toxic film sheet, reused cartons, etc.


As part of giving back to the community, our founder, Sanah teaches Sewing Technology to women who study at the Maharani Vidyavati Devi Industrial Training Institute, an NGO that operates in tandem with the Skill India Movement.

Transparency is an integral part of sustainable development. To give our team the credit they deserve and to let our customers know the real hands that touched and crafted their products, a small introduction of the person who made the respective product is included in the hangtag of the product.




Our rich cultural heritage is an integral part of our respective identities. Protecting our culture and its crafts while also sharing them with the world through our clothing is important to us. Our upcycled line works towards reclaiming materials that are rich in Indian crafts and giving them a new lease of life. Our recycled line supports Indian weavers as the material are make from GRS certified yarns that are woven on a handloom. 

The future is in our hands. Each one of us has a significant role to play in sustainability movement. Our planet, it's ecosystems, species and habitats are demanding our attention. To help you be responsible citizens, we have put in place a Take Back Programme that is a win-win for you, us and our planet! 



Everything in our universe is in a constant state of motion. When we are not static, why should our clothes be designed statically. We believe your relationships with your clothes should allow enough space to breathe, stretch, walk, run, dance- enjoy the human experience. That's why our made-to-order designs are put through a series of tests that include Virtual Garment Fit Map (VGFM) & Movement Allowance Test (MAT). Not only does the improve the wearer experience but also drastically saves time and resource spent in toile-making.

*On minimum purchase of INR 5,000

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