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Exclusive style coach

Your style is a fragment of your DNA, it's a representation of your personality. That's why we at Sanah Sharma think it's important to help you discover your individual style. 



Say Hello to Jaya Jankert!
your personal empowerment styling coach

Jaya Jankert is the Indian-born and Swedish founder of Empowered by Jaya. She is a global

Empowerment Wardrobe Coach, Mentor, Author, Speaker, and Professional Connector.

Jaya helps thousands of women and men all over the world to stand in their own power, by

bringing out the personality in the clothing and reconnecting to the spiritual self on a higher

level. She has been awarded a Brainz Creative Global Award and featured in different global

podcasts and digital magazines.

When Jaya was a newborn she was adopted by her Swedish parents from Stockholm,

Sweden where she grew up and is based with her two beloved children Sixten and Nora.

Jaya is a free-spirited woman who loves to channel her energy through dance

whenever she gets a chance.

What is Empowerment Styling?

Style is usually associated with outer appearance, it's perceived as a superficial concept. Jaya Jankert believes in

taking a deeper dive into your journey and helps you to identify your style and how to be

the best version of who you really are from the inside out in all the different and unique areas of your life.

You will be able to stand in your own power and truth and feel in control of everything you do. You will

increase your knowledge and self-awareness, accepting all the beauty that you bring into the world.  

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