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 the future

We are a young research-driven label from India that creates engineered fashion with high sustainability indices.


We focus on environmental, social and cultural sustainability to create circular fashion systems aimed at providing an equitable and sustainable development model.

We are a registered UN SDG initiative

Fair + Ethical manufacturing

All garments are made locally at our

Eco Studio's Lab with love and kindness



In 2015, we discovered PLANAR FLUX, a revolutionary cutting technique that is based on the Mobius Strip, a non-orientable concept in Topology and Euclidean space. Our PLANAR FLUX was incorporated into the official syllabus at Iowa State University for Experimental Pattern Cutting in 2016 

Using our technique, we can reduce fabric consumption by 15-35%, wastage by 6-0%, cutting operations by 30-60% and sewing operations by about 25%

meticulous design and cutting 

zero-waste designs are cut by Sanah herself to ensure maximum efficiency



HI or Human Intelligence is our research wing. HI works on developing new ideas through a cross-disciplinary approach. To us, the future of sustainable fashion is a balanced relationship between Human & Artificial Intelligence.


We are also using tech to find sustainable solutions for pre and post-consumer gaps in the system. Our designs undergo several simulated tests to determine if the design is fit for Human Kinetics to encourage retainability and longevity.


We also launched India's first ever virtual fashion collection and are now working on launching our AR range.


craft conscious

We are supporting craftswomen of Karnataka through Khaloom Textiles India in creating recycled handloom textiles to preserve cultural integrity and reduce environmental footprint 

as seen in
Take Back Program 

Return your SANAH SHARMA garment after using it for minimum 3 months, in exchange for a Good Deeds coupon redeemable site wide.

Read more here


We are

In 2020, we were invited to join the UN SDGs Conscious Fashion & Lifestyle Network. As a registered initiative of the network, we work towards a total of 10 SDGs



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Incase you didn't know
Our Prêt collection was


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