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The Designer

Learning from the past, focused on the present and passionate about creating a better future is our Creative Head, Sanah Sharma. She shares a close connect with the environment and takes keen interest on both personal and professional levels to inculcate sustainable practices. While Sanah is appreciative of traditional theories she is almost certain that tech is the way forward in design which is why all our human kinetics testings are done on softwares that help us examine the material behaviour in relation to the body it clothes, all in a virtual environment.  Being a physics-enthusiast, she explores newer ways to create intelligent design and enhance the human experience utilising concepts from topology, quantum physics and multi-dimensionality.


Sanah's creative cutting technique, Planar Flux, was included into the official syllabus at Iowa State University's Experimental Patternmaking course in 2016 when she was just 22 years old. At age 24, she published her research academically in collaboration with Springer Publications in the book Models for Sustainable Framework in Luxury Fashion: Luxury and Models. In 2018, Sanah won the International Zero-waste Design competition conducted by Faculty of Design, Ljubljana. The winning dress 'Deft Quadruple' was subsequently exhibited at the prestigious Month of Design festival and also featured in Europe's Gloss magazine.

In 2020, Sanah became the first Indian to win the coveted Red Carpet Green Dress Global Design Contest for designing a zero-waste gown with circularity in mind. Sanah has always kept the balance between academia and her business endeavours. She has given lectures at National Institute of Fashion Technology, VIT, United Institute of Design, Iowa State University among others. 

In her words:

The fabric of our universe posseses infinite ideas/possibilities that float within our cosmic realm, finding expression through various artistic channels. I'd like to think of myself as one such channel. I have always strived to find new approaches and processes by evolving my perspective through research, co-creation and explorative design thinking. Why think outside the box when you can think without the box? 

Comprehensive understanding of traditional techniques infused with a modern perspective of evolving the design process has helped me harness greater creative and innovative ideas. Today, there exists a need for more , human-centric approach as design is now an intrinsic part of development. I have come to understand that the biggest challenge that design is faced with is the ever-increasing demand coupled with ever-limited resources, which calls for a paradigm shift in the design process. In my years of experience, I have often found sustainability to be synonymous with choice of raw material. However, the advantage of focusing on design-led sustainability is that it 'eliminates waste rather than managing waste'. In my quest to explore sustainable design, I developed the 'Planar Flux' cutting technique which not only eliminates waste but also significantly reduces material consumption, cutting and construction process of the garment. Utilizing the seamless channel between the creator and the creative to communicate the essence of our environement through the language of design is my endeavor. 

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