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At Sanah Sharma we practice sustainable and ethical creation for fashion-lovers of today and tomorrow. Our founder and Creative Head, Sanah started the label to bridge the gap between the sustainable and the fashionable. We are a conceptual designer label focused on making aesthetic clothing that is intelligently en­gineered for better sustainability indices.


Our pret and virtual collections are also tested for human kinetics which deems them fit for walking, sitting, dancing, moving - the human experience. As a research and pro­cess-orineted brand we discovered that nearly 80% of a product's environmental impact is determined at the design stage placing a lot of responsiblity on the designer. With this insight, Sanah devel­oped Planar Flux - a unique cutting technique that reduces fabric consumption and is zero waste.


Every piece is designed by our founder such that they ensure maximum efficiency of raw material. All pieces are made locally at our Eco-studio to reduce environmental footprint.

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